We have always treated the community as recipients and considered them as the weakest link in the aid chain. The results have restored the communities' status and dignity ​

Ahmad, MAAN Development Centre​



Learning Brief: survivor and community-led crisis response in Gaza

Researched and written by Mai Jarar with Ahmad Jamal Sourani and Shahnaz Jubran

November 2020

L2GP’s latest learning brief continues to explore the implementation of survivor and community-led crisis response (sclr) interventions through a pilot in Gaza between July and December 2019. Following a workshop co-facilitated with 7 Gaza-based NGOs, the pilot aimed to test the ability of local partners and communities to respond rapidly to future crises.

Using the sclr approach demonstrated advantages both for the communities targeted and local NGOs implementing the programme. The pilot supported community projects and helped built cohesion and a sense of ownership and social responsibility within communities. At the same time trust was strengthened between communities and local NGOs.