When people are called, they respond differently. Other projects have taken time to materialise but this one, we were able to implement immediately

Member of Self Help Group, Marsabit County, Kenya



Sclr Short Course

This short course offers a self-paced introduction to the core elements of sclr. The three modules guide you through what sclr is and how it works, accompanied with many examples of sclr in practice.

  1. Introduction: an overview of sclr and how it has been used in practice
  2. How sclr works: a more detailed look at the key components and elements of implementing sclr
  3. What sclr has taught us: sclr has a profound impact on the communities and organisations who implement it.

What next?

Finished the course and ready to take a deep dive into sclr? Get in touch with us to discuss opportunities for bespoke training and workshops that will allow you to implement sclr in your own context.