Lit Review: Localisation and Locally-led Crisis Response

A Literature Review

Examining existing literature, the review explores the meaning of the term “localisation” and how “localisation” differs from “locally-led” and the importance of using the terms correctly or risk meaning one while doing the other. L2GP research to date has focused on the latter with the understanding that the term “locally-led” refers specifically to responses that are conceived or shaped by the affected populations themselves that may be supported or strengthened by outside assistance.

The authors’ highlight perceived barriers to localisation and locally-led crisis response, extensively described in the literature and note that the debate on localisation often stops here – with very little available literature exploring what actually works and does not work to put local actors at the fore of response.

The paper has been written by Imogen Wall, with support from Kerren Hedlund and was funded by Swiss Development Cooperation.

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