Building on practical learning over several years, an emerging community of practitioners and institutions across the world have accumulated substantial experience with what we for now call “survivor and community-led crisis response” (sclr).  Essentially, this approach is about how external actors can participate in community-led and driven responses.

This is not to be misunderstood as a blue print, a final method or fix-all. Rather, it is an ever-evolving set of guidance to how current externally driven aid can be complemented with directly supporting affected individuals and communities in analysing threats, challenges and – importantly – identify opportunities for positive change, which they themselves can pursue with the right kind of external support and resources.

This way of working, as much as anything, is about a shift in mind-set. To guide and support local, national and international actors to embark on such a mind-shift and employ it in practise, a couple of resources are available below:

  • Early experience with community responses to Covid-19, April, 2020
  • One Pager: A one page presentation of the survivor and community-led crisis response (sclr) (English). For a one pager in French, click here.
  • Training package: An emerging training package for a one week co-design/training process with practitioners about to engage in using the sclr approach and guidance. Go here to find the training materials in both English or French.
  • Pamphlet: A 10 page pamphlet summarising much of L2GP’s research and experience to date – and which, among many other resources, has helped inform this new practise
  • Learning papers explaining key learning from survivor and community-led crisis response activities in the Philippines, Palestine, Kenya and Myanmar
  • A video introduction to survivor and community-led crisis response. For a version with French subtitles please click here.