People affected by the disasters have the capacity to help themselves, plan their own action, manage the response​

News & Inspiration

News & Inspiration

L2GP does not exist in a vacuum works closely with other humanitarian and development organisations locally and globally. Local people, the first responders to crisis, are the central inspiration for our work.

This section highlights recent developments in sclr, as well as the research, institutions and people who have inspired and continue to inspire our work.

Recent News

Se La Vi: Mutual Aid & Community Led Responses

Interest in mutual aid, the spontaneous and voluntary assistance people give to each other in crisis, is on the increase. From the street-level WhatsApp groups that emerged during the Covid-19 lockdowns, to the efforts by Sudanese, Ukrainian, Myanmar, or Palestinian civilians caught up in war, conflict, attacks, and widespread displacement it is obvious that volunteers and self-help groups are of crucial importance.

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Local humanitarian assistance literature

a simple, searchable database of articles on local humanitarian assistance. The Feinstein International Center built and maintains this evolving database.

ODI Humanitarian Policy Group

the HPG has an ongoing commitment to produce research on protection and related issues such as localisation, livelihoods, humanitarian policy and advocacy.

The Listening Project

a comprehensive and systematic exploration of the insights and ideas of people who live in societies that have received international assistance.

The Border Consortium

has worked for decades supporting communities in Burma’s conflict zones.

Do No Harm Project

beginning in 1993 this revolutionary project sought to identify ways humanitarian and development assistance can be provided in ways that supports efforts for peace and does not exacerbate conflict.