International Organisations should always take quick actions because most of the interviews have been made and no improvement happens in their lives​

Community Member, South Sudan​

South Sudan

South Sudan

This research in Jonglei explores how people living in parts of Twic East and Bor counties of South Sudan understand ‘protection’. What do they value, and how do they go about protecting themselves and their families, and communities?

Key Findings

The Government of South Sudan has limited capacity to police the whole country to avoid banditry and local clashes – it is more concerned with nation-building and matters of ‘external’ security. The international community does not have the means to provide local security even if they had the will. Implicitly aid workers shy away from having to be responsible (and accountable) for something as complex as ensuring security, preferring to see ‘protection’ in terms of humanitarian protection rather than the safety and security issues that have been shown to be most relevant to local people in the current research.