Learning from L2GP: Webinars on community-led protection on June 2, 8 and 11, 2015

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  • Post published:19 May 2015
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In order to promote learning from the Local to Global Protection (L2GP) research on community-led protection so far, we’re glad to announce three webinars on community-led protection in practise to be held on June 2, 8 and 11. Read more and register here.

The webinars from the  initiative trying to bridge the gap between the rhetoric and nice words to actually supporting locally-led protection and survival.

Based on practical experience and in-depth research with more than 1,500 people in seven major humanitarian crises, these webinars will present key recommendations and tools intended to help humanitarian professionals identify, understand and support locally-led protection responses.

The webinars are particularly aimed at humanitarian practitioners working directly with communities at-risk – but may also help inspire policy- and decisions makers with agencies and donors to reconsider current understandings of humanitarian protection. The webinars will be lead by Kerren Hedlund, Justin Corbett and Nils Carstensen.

Read more and register here.