Local agencies and Global funding – never an easy match

Matching local actors and activities with international agencies and global donors has never been an easy match. In this short paper, Ashely South explores some of the reason why the relationship between community action for protection and survival and global funding institutions remains a major challenge for all involved.

Read Ashley South’s paper here

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  1. Carolyn Hayman

    We don’t have good mechanisms for connecting local actors with international donors in the peacebuilding field – apart from the isolated example of Peace-Net Kenya – but they do exist in other areas, for example the International HIV/ AIDS Alliance, and Slumdwellers International. Both have managed to persuade international donors that they can be trusted to handle grants from a local base.
    The Local First campaign seeks to bring good examples of locally led approaches into the forefront of strategies for development – http://www.localfirst.org.uk goes live on November 28th. Please visit!

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