Study of self-protection in Jonglei, South Sudan now online

The L2GP Study of self-protection in Jonglei, South Sudan is now online here (PDF)

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  1. Reinhard Spilker

    Do you work on the Abyei conflict? My own interest derives from my personal friendship with Francis Deng (since my stay at Khartoum University in 1960!). As a radio and TV freelance journalist I feel motivated to help inform responsible people about the risks but also the potential solutions in connection with the escalating Abyei conflict. Please put me on your mailing-list – the present two studies published by you were relayed to me through John Ashworth.
    Reinhard (Quedlinburg, Germany;

    1. admin

      Dear Reinhard,
      Thanks for your interest. We have not done any research directly about the situation in Abyei. Still, many of the ways people have tried to protect and help themselves documented in for instance the Jonglei and Nuba (South Kordofan) studies may have some relevance to the situation for the people of Abyei. And to your question about Francis Deng – yes we have shared all our research with his office at the UN.

  2. Irene Wenaas Holte

    I am very interested in this work as I have a responsibility for protection within emergencies in my organisation

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